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Plenary Speakers

Matthias Beller
Leibniz Institute for Catalysis at the University of Rostock, Germany
Bridging homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis: what can we learn from each other?
Charles T. Campbell
University of Washington, USA
Thermodynamics and kinetics of elementary reaction steps on late transition metal catalysts, and using them to search for better catalysts
Krijn P. de Jong
Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Nanoscale effects in heterogeneous catalysis
Bruce C. Gates
University of California, Davis, USA

Molecular and single-site metal catalysis on surfaces
José G. Santiesteban
ExxonMobil Research and Engineering, USA
Recent advances in the application of zeolites to the production of fuels and petrochemicals

IACS Awards Lectures

Paolo Fornasiero
2016 Heinz Heinemann Award Lecture
University of Trieste, Italy
Hybrid nanocatalysts for energy related applications
David Farrusseng
2016 International Catalysis Award Lecture
Institut de recherches sur la catalyse et lenvironnement de lyon (IRCELyon), CNRS , France
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